Postcards “The Baikal in Alexander Sheltunov's artworks”



Postcards “Baikal in Alexander Sheltunov's artworks”  2013


Alexander Sheltunov had a wide circle of topical interests and the basic issues of his creativity naturally fit into the general Irkutsk visual arts contest development. Practically every Irkutsk artists appeal to the Baikal image but there are only a few masters who gained success in this topic realization.

The Baikal landscapes are a set of efforts to construct a kind of universal feeling of a unique natural phenomenon. There were attempts to reconstitute an everlasting image of the Baikal and to reproduce its primordial nature. To achieve such a significant goal, Alexander Sheltunov implements the whole range of acquired technical methods such as main “luminous” spot, open colors, different painting in oils texture possibilities. As a result, there are powerful impressive images of our wonderful lake.

The text writer Iraida Fedchina

The editor Marina Tkacheva

The Proofreader Denis Larin

Artemy Sheltunov is responsible for reproduction, design and makeup

Alexander Sheltunov’s artworks are taken from the artist’s family collection

“AsPrint” publishing house

Edition is 1000 copies
Format — 150 × 100 mm