Main exhibitions

Solo exhibitions

2011 Moscow. State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. "Irkutsk melody" exhibition
2011 Irkutsk. Irkutsk regional Sukachev Art Museum. Retrospective devoted to author's 60th anniversary and 350th anniversary of Irkutsk
2006 China, Manchuria. Exhibition devoted to the year of Russia in China
2005 Irkutsk. The House of the Russian writers
2002 France, Nantes
2002 France, Le Havre
2001 France, Ancenis
2000 Irkutsk. The Baikalsky House of Europe. Alexander and Nikita Sheltunov
2000 Shelehov. The municipal museum exhibition center together with Nikita Sheltunov
1999 Irkutsk. Exhibition at the "Actor's House"
1996 Spain, Madrid. Exhibition in Pushkin Fund
1991 Japan, Tokyo
1988, 1989 Poland, Zielona Gora
1988 Nizhneudinsk
1987 Irkutsk. The House of Literary Men "Across Bulgaria"
1987 Germany. Stuttgart
1984 Irkutsk. The House of Actor
1983 Irkutsk. The House of Literary Men
1977 Irkutsk. East-Siberean Newsreel Studio

International and Overseas Exhibitions

2012 Mongolia, Ulan-Bator. Irkutsk artists' exhibition devoted to 70th anniversary of Mongolian Artists Union
2011 Russia, Irkutsk. "A man and a city"
2007 Korea, Taejon. "Three nations, three colors". Russia, Japan, Korea
2007 China, Xi'an. "The World of Art"
2007 China, Hohhot. The Eastern-Chinese Exhibition 
2006 Russia, Irkutsk. "Three nations, three colors". Russia, Japan, Korea
2004 The USA, Eugene. "Sibirian Dreams" Exhibition
2001, 2002 France, Nantes. "The Face of the Atlantic" 
2001 The USA, California. "The Unique Art from Russia" at Kensigton Art Center
1998–2001 The USA, Corvallis. The annual exhibition of the Russian art 
1994 England, London. "Sibirian and Ukranian Art"
1993 England, London "Sibirian Art"
1990 Germany, Berlin. Charitable exhibition of Irkutsk artists 
1989 France, Paris. Watercolor exhibition of Irkutsk artists
1987 Poland, Lagòw. International exhibition in the open air
1983 Afghanistan, Kabul. Exhibition of the Russian Artists
1979 Moscow, VDNH.The Second Moscow International Exhibition of the Book 

All-USSR Exhibitions

1985, 1986 Moscow. All-USSR Watercolor Exhibition
1984 Moscow. "The Soviet Country's Youth"
1984 Moscow. 7th All-USSR Watercolor Exhibition
1982 Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The Art Exhibition "50th Anniversary of Komsomolsk-on-Amur"
1982 Irkutsk "The Artists to the Fleet"
1981 Moscow. 6th All-USSR Watercolor Exhibition
1979 Moscow. 4th All-USSR Exhibition "Physical Training and Sports in Visual Arts" 

Republican Exhibitions

1987 Gornozavodsk. "The Artists to Siberia, Ural" 
1979 Ulan-Ude. "We are building BAM"
1971 Moscow. "The Artists from Ural, Siberia and the Far East" 

Area Exhibitions

1985 Kemerovo. "Socialist Siberia-6"
1980 Barnaul. "Socialist Siberia-5"
1978 Omsk. "Young Artists of Siberia"
1972 Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The exhibition of young artists

Regional Exhibitions

2008 Novosibirsk. "Siberia 10"
2003 Tomsk. "Siberia 9"

Oblast Exhibitions

1977–2007 Irkutsk Oblast Exhibitions 1977, 1983, 1985, 1993, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2006  
1976, 1978, 1984 Irkutsk. Oblast Exhibition of the Conference "Youth. Creativity. Modernity" 
1978 Irkutsk. Irkutsk Artists to History and Culture Monuments Protection
1978 Irkutsk. Architecture in Visual Arts
1973 Khabarovsk. Native, Far Eastern Krai 
1973 Khabarovsk. Krai Exhibition of Young Artists

Town Exhibitions

2012 Irkutsk. The Artist in the Mirror of Epoch. Portrait, self-portrait
2011 Irkutsk. "Dear Irkutsk ― the Midst of the Land". Irkutsk artists' exhibition devoted to 350th anniversary of Irkutsk city  
2006–2008 Irkutsk. U.Ten fund charitable auctions targeted at physically disabled children  
2005 Irkutsk. Charitable auction targeted at Gregori Neokesariisky church instauration 
2004 Irkutsk. "In Eden Gardens" 
2004 Irkutsk. "Calm Life"
2004 Irkutsk. "Portrayal and Word" 
2004 Irkutsk. "Christmas Exhibition"
1999 Irkutsk. "The Legends and the Myths of the Baikal" (Under the aegis of the Druo Auction House, Paris) 
1987 Irkutsk. The exhibition of Irkutsk young artists
1987 Irkutsk. The exhibition of Irkutsk young artists devoted to 70th anniversary of the Soviet government 
1985 Irkutsk. A group exhibition at "Chronika" (Chronicle) movie theater (A. Moskvitin, A. Shpirko, A. Sheltunov) 
1974, 1975 Komsomolsk-on-Amur

Irkutsk Artists' Participation in Exhibitions in Russian Towns and Cities

2011 Moscow. "Dear Irkutsk ― the Midst of the Land". Irkutsk artists' exhibition devoted to 350th anniversary of Irkutsk city 
1997, 2008 Ulan-Ude. "Irkutsk Artists" 
1996 Moscow. "Irkutsk Artists"
1982 Moscow. "Young Irkutsk Artists". Higher Comsomol School at All-USSR Leninsky Youth Union Central Committee  
1981 Moscow. "Young Irkutsk Artists" The editorial staff of "A Young Communist" magazine
1979 Moscow. Irkutsk artists' exhibition "The memory of Siberia"

Master class

2004, 2008 Irkutsk. A watercolor master class for the teachers of the Oblast Art Schools
2007 Irkutsk. A juryman of Child Picture Contest
2006 Irkutsk. A watercolor master class for Gold Medallists at a Gubernatorial Ball  
2006 Irkutsk. A watercolor master class at Students International Forum  
1979–1981 Irkutsk. The head of "Baikalsky Aquamarine" child visual arts studio
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