Alexander Sheltunov in museum


Alexander Sheltunov used to paint naked models. Many of these works were analytical. They were almost research ones. These works, especially early ones, resemble his Art School time. But with the time being naked model pictures, made for him personally, have overgrown the studios’ frames and become works of art. In the human body, he felt the same great constructive life power and beauty both of which fascinated him in nature.

Painting naked models the artist reproduced their physical peculiarity. He did not reproduce only individual but general notion and impressions’ synthesis. That is why he did not have particular personalities in his works. However he had abstract images in a definite environment such as forest, flowers, water. Compositions were becoming diversified but human body flexibility revealing in the motion. All naked figures in his compositions are in complicated positions and in extraordinary angles.

The artist’s palette is rich and diverse either in naked model’s studios or their pictorials in the scenery. He was searching freedom, ease and keenness in works with naked models.

Despite this theme took a great place in his creativity he rarely exhibited them and the album shows only a little part of these works.

The text writer: Iraida Fedchina