Biographical data

february, 26, 1951 Date of birth. Parents: Maria Andreevna Sheltunova, Ivan Evstafievitch Cherneshuk. Place of birth — Komsomolsk-on-Amur city.
1966 Graduate from 8th form secondary school #3 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
1966–1970 Study at Irkutsk Art School.
summer, 1968 Work in Bodaibo. Do the posters with his groupmates for different institutions of the city.
august, 1968 Thanks to the money earned in Bodaibo, he goes to Leningrad and Baltic.
january, 1969 A course familiarization internship in Leningrad and Baltic.
may, 1970 Married to Galina Bronislavovna Alekseeva.
june, 1970 Defence of Diploma project made of birch bark and devoted to the Russian North. Scientific advisor G. V. Antsiferov.
summer, 1970 Goes to Taishet to earn money together with his groupmates Victor Morozov and Eugeny Harlamtsev. 
autumn, 1970 Moves back to Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Works for advertisement center, deals with the city design.  
1971 Designes books for children named "A Mean Person", "Who Gave the Sun to the Evenks", and takes part with this project at "Artists from Ural, Siberia and the Far East" Republican Exhibition in Moscow.
august, 1972 The birth of Nastya, the daughter.
1974 Returns to Irkutsk.
1976 Open air on Olkhon Island. "Baikal Boats" — his favourite work was created during this trip. 
summer, 1976 The participant of "Youth. Creativity. Modernity" Oblast Conference. The Conference Winner. 
november, 1976 The birth of Nikita, the son.
1977 Illustrates "On the Bobrova Rivulet" book for children by Constantine Yanovsky. Suffers his right hand injury and accomplishes the work with his left hand. 
february, 1977 As a laureate of "Youth. Creativity. Modernity." Conference directs to "Old Ladoga" (Staraya Ladoga) a creative summer house next to Leningrad. Makes a great number of sketches, pictures and watercolors.
summer,1978 Works in BAM with a large group of artists, takes part in "We are building BAM" Republican Exhibition in Ulan Ude. 
1978 The participant of "Youth. Creativity. Modernity" Oblast Conference. I. Utkin prize winner.
1978 A travel to Omsk exhibition "Young artists of Siberia".
summer, 1978 Irkutsk artists with their families go to Belsk (Cheremkhovsky district). Alexander created a series of watercolors devoted to these stunning places. 
autumn, 1978 A trip to Leningrad. Creates a lot of pictures devoted to the city, visits the museums.
winter, 1979 Creates a series of watercolors "Skiers" from his flat window in Solnechny district and exhibits them at All-USSR Exhibition "Physical Training and Sports in Visual Arts".
spring,1979 Campaign train trip around "The Golden Ring", creates a lot of portraits.
1979–1981 Opens "Baikalsky Aquamarine" child visual arts studio (5–12 years old children). 
1981 A creative trip to Tashkent and Samarkand.
autumn, 1981 Goes to Dresden, Germany with child pictures exhibition. 
1982 Becomes a member of the USSR Artists Union. Membership card  #22484.
may, 1983 A month-and-a-half voyage by "Korchaginets" campaign steam boat in the Sea of Okhotsk.  
1985 A trip to Bulgaria (Sofia, Plovdiv and other cities). Creates a series of watercolor lists "Across Bulgaria".
1986 A trip to Italy to celebrate "Unita" the newspaper of Italian communists.
1987 A trip to Poland, Lagov to visit International Open Air Exhibition. 
1988 A trip to Poland, Zielona Gora with a Personal Exhibition.  
1989 Gets a new studio in Utkina street. 
1989 A trip to Poland with a Personal Exhibition. Travels with his friends across Europe. 
1989 The birth of Artemy, the grandson.
1991 Getting ready to the Exhibition in Japan. 
1990–1992 Creates a lot of natural surrounding sketches, pictures, city and the Baikal landscapes, as well as sketches and pictures from his numerous trips, works with watercolors and oils. His studio is visited by the guests from Poland, Bulgaria, Japan, Holland and many other countries where his exhibition took place.
1991 A trip to France.
1994 The death of Nastya, the daughter.
1995–1996 Works hard and fruitfully. Sells his works quite successfully.  
spring, 1996 Moves to a new studio.
1997 The death of Bronislav Pavlovitch, the wife's father. The artist loved him very much. 
1998 A family friend Natalya Kalinovskaya persuaded Alexander to create "Sunflowers" for her. He had been creating a lot of still lives with sunflowers since this year. 
summer, 1999 The Granzhuans, the family of wine-makers from Nantes visit Irkutsk and stay at the Sheltunovs.
1999 The death of Matrena Dmitrievna, Alexander's mother-in-law. 
december, 1999 The Granzhuans visit the Sheltunovs to celebrate New Year.
2000 Alexander and Galina adopt Artemy, the grandson. 
summer, 2000 The Sheltunovs pay a reciprocal visit to France. Travels a lot across France.    
2000–2008 Alexander has totally switched to painting in oils since 2000. Travels a lot across the Baikal and Buryat. The Bainovs and the Huriganovs, family friends invite to Surharban, Sagaalgan and other holidays.
2001 The family celebrates New Year in Kuret village next to the Baikal. Alexander creates a lot of pictures of the Baikal. 
february, 2001 Celebrates his 50th anniversary and gets ready to the Exhibition in France. 
november, 14, 2001 Wins a Gold Medal in "Foreign Artist" nomination at "The Face of Atlantic" the 1st International Salon in Nantes, France. Holds a Personal Exhibition in Ancenis.
2002 Holds two Personal Exhibitions in Nantes and Le Havre, France.
2003 The birth of Dobrynya, the grandson. 
2004 Maria Andreevna moves from Komsomolsk to Irkutsk. 
2005–2008 Alexander is getting ready to a Great Personal Exhibition which he devotes to his 60th anniversary and 350th anniversary of Irkutsk. 
september, 6, 2008 Kim Mu Yang, the Consul-general of Republic of Korea visits Alexander Sheltunov's studio. Getting acquainted with the artist's works invites him to Seul with a Personal Exhibition.
september, 8, 2008 Died suddenly in his studio.