Still life


Alexander was an emotional, impatient and always ready to act man. He was easily absorbed by eye-catching things such as the view from the window, old snapshots, flowers, fruit, silver-zinc fish… He painted a lot of still lives: “Roses for Galina”, “Sunny Nosegay”, “Wild Flowers” and still life sunflower series.

Despite the great number of works in this genre, it did not become the basic for Sheltunov. Still life for him was a kind of experimental laboratory. It was “the test of the palette” before more significant scale canvas. There was the field of formally stylistic searches either for watercolor works or painting in oils.

The artist had his own manner to select a definite dab shape for each work. There was mosaic superposition, the cirrus shape in the sky and long dash line in his works. The chosen stylistics always corresponded with a planned condition, mood which he aspired to reproduce in the canvas.

In his last years he painted a few production still lives. He preferred to depict wildlife objects in the natural environment such as, abundance of various wild flowers, sunflowers and forget-me-nots. He combined them with the landscape providing a wide panorama of a human natural environment.

The text writer: Iraida Fedchina